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B&L Appoints Industry Veterans to Leadership Team

Bausch & Lomb (B&L) announced that it has added three ophthalmic industry veterans to its senior leadership team, effective immediately.
     Stuart Heap has joined the company as corporate vice president and global president, Vision Care. He is a former group vice president of CIBA Vision Corporation and president of its Global Contact Lens Division, and he held various sales, marketing, manufacturing and engineering positions with the company over the span of two decades. After departing CIBA Vision in 2002, he served as CEO of healthcare products manufacturers Regent Medical and SSL-Americas.
     J. Andy Corley has been named corporate vice president and global president, Surgical Products. Mr. Corley co-founded Eyeonics, which B&L acquired earlier this year. He has over 25 years of experience in the ophthalmic industry and has held various executive positions at American Medical Optics, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, and Chiron Ophthalmics, which he co-founded.
     Michael Gowen has joined the company as corporate vice president and executive vice president, Global Business Operations and Process Excellence. He is the former vice president of Global Operations and Supply Chain for the Johnson & Johnson Group of Consumer Companies, and vice president of Global Operations and Supply Chain for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care from 2002 to 2004. He also served in multiple management roles with McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals Company, including six years as vice president of Operations.

Alcon Unique-pH Solution for GP Lenses Available Again

Alcon Laboratories, Inc. announced that production of Unique-pH multipurpose solution for GP lenses, which was discontinued last year, is resuming. According to the company, Alcon re-evaluated their decision as a result of numerous customer inquiries.
     Unique-pH solution will be available for retail sale through amazon.com and drugstore.com. Additionally, the product may be purchased by eye care professionals and laboratory distributors as long as minimum purchase requirements are met. The product will not be available through traditional food, drug and mass distribution channels and will no longer be directly sold to end users by Alcon. Starter kits will not be available.
     Product questions or order requests may be directed to Alcon Customer Service at 800-451-3937.

CLMA Launches GP Fitter Locator Program

The Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (CLMA) announced that a new program, the GP Fitter Locator, is now functioning on the Gas Permeable Lens Institute website, www.gpli.info. The searchable database is available for GP fitters to make referrals to fitters in other regions in the United States. The program is planned to grow to include a GP Fitter Locator for consumers on the www.contactlenses.org website so that patients can easily locate a GP fitter within their geographical area.
     Eyecare professionals are welcomed and encouraged to participate and submit their information (including their listing of expertise as bifocal/multifocal fitter, irregular cornea fitter and orthokeratology/ corneal reshaping fitter) for inclusion in this database of GP contact lens fitters by going to www.gpli.info/locator.

SynergEyes Names Fancher as Vice President, Global Sales

SynergEyes, Inc., the high Dk hybrid contact lens manufacturer, has named David E. Fancher as vice president, Global Sales. Fancher brings to SynergEyes more than 14 years of global and national sales and marketing leadership experience in the eye care industry. From 2005 until his retirement from the company in 2006, he was president of CooperVision Surgical, Inc., a start-up in corneal and refractive surgery. Prior to that, he was senior vice president of sales for CooperVision, Inc.

New Eye Health and Allergies Brochure Available from AAFA

To help allergy sufferers with allergic reactions involving the eyes to better understand and manage their condition, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), a patient organization for people with asthma and allergies, is offering a free educational brochure titled Eye Health and Allergies. The brochure can be viewed or downloaded at www.aafa.org.
     "Approximately four percent of allergy sufferers experience eye allergies as their primary allergy," says Mike Tringale, Director of External Affairs, AAFA. "This brochure offers useful information on how eye allergies occur, common signs and symptoms, and practical advice on how to treat and prevent eye allergies."
     The brochure, supported by 1•Day Acuvue Moist brand contact lenses, also includes allergy season strategies for the nation's 40 million contact lens wearers, a group for whom eye allergies can cause unique problems. To help allergy sufferers who would like to start wearing or continue wearing contact lenses, the brochure, along with a free trial-pair certificate for 1•Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses (professional examination and fitting fees not included), is also available at www.acuvue.com/seasons.
     ECPs interested in ordering a free set of 50 brochures for their practice, may email their request, including name and complete address with zip code, to eyeallergybrochure@rprny.com.

Explore Patient Satisfaction Beyond the Chair

Your patients demand clear, stable vision through all types of activities, plus comfort that lasts all day. Meet their needs and build satisfaction with ACUVUE ADVANCE® Brand Contact Lenses for ASTIGMATISM. Accelerated Stabilization Design offers stability, regardless of head position or gaze, and harnesses positive lid interaction to stabilize the lens quickly. Could you satisfy more astigmatic patients and build your practice with ACUVUE ADVANCE® for ASTIGMATISM?
Important Safety Information

AOF Announces Vistakon Residency Awards Winners

The American Optometric Foundation (AOF) congratulates the winners of the 2007 - 2008 Vistakon Residency Awards. These $4,000 awards, funded by Vistakon, a Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., are intended to promote post-graduate optometric clinical education by supporting residents who demonstrate talent and commitment in the fields of children's vision and contact lenses. The 2007-2008 winners are:
Dr. Terrance Ingraham Pediatric Optometry Residency Award
Megan Allen, O.D., Illinois College of Optometry
Emma Vicuna, O.D., University of Houston College of Optometry
Dr. Sheldon Wechsler Contact Lens Residency Award
Trevor Irish, O.D., Northeastern State University College of Optometry
Neeta Chhabra, O.D., M.S., NOVA Southeastern University College of Optometry
Dr. George W. Mertz Contact Lens Residency Award
Catherine Pannebaker, O.D., The Ohio State University College of Optometry
John Laurent, O.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.O., University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry
     For an application or for more information on these awards and/or AOF and its many programs contact Lois Schoenbrun at 301-984-1441, LoisS@aaoptom.org or visit the website at www.ezell.org

Athletes Focus on Scoring Better Than 20/20 with the AchieveVision Program

Elite U.S. athletes are fine-tuning their athletic skills to be in peak condition for the Olympic Games. They have also been teaming up with The Vision Care Institute, LLC (TVCI), a Johnson and Johnson company, to sharpen their visual skills with the AchieveVision Program.
     The AchieveVision Program, currently available exclusively to elite athletes training for the Olympic Games, launched in August 2007 and to date has assessed over 175 Olympic athletes and hopefuls from various U.S. teams as part of their preparation for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. TVCI has also launched a new website, www.achievevisionprogram.com, where people can learn how to maximize their vision for everyday activities, hear the athletes' experiences, and find out more about the AchieveVision Program.
     The AchieveVision Program is a customized, state-of-the-art visual skills assessment designed to optimize an individual's vision for his or her specific sport and lifestyle. According to TVCI, the program addresses how well an athlete's visual system performs for their specific needs. Per TVCI it complements regular eye exams that assess visual acuity and eye health by testing skills that are essential to performance, such as contrast sensitivity, depth perception and peripheral awareness.
     The program, developed with input from a council of experts, including ophthalmologists, optometrists, coaches, sports trainers and academics, assesses maximum visual acuity as well as evaluates and helps optimize dynamic visual skills, such as hand-eye coordination, peripheral awareness and reaction time. Visit www.achievevisionprogram.com for more information. 

EyeVis Eye and Vision Research Institute Announces Sponsorship of Optometry Giving Sight

EyeVis Eye and Vision Research Institute has become a National Supporter of Optometry Giving Sight in the United States. EyeVis Eye and Vision Research Institute is a research organization which specializes in developing and implementing eye research to improve the quality of vision.
     "My partner, Dr. Robert Davis and I are both very excited about the prospects of helping this wonderful organization bring vision to those less fortunate. We have numerous concepts that will bring funds to Optometry Giving Sight via a portion of our research proceeds, sponsoring various charity events, and by helping spread the word about the good work done by Optometry Giving Sight to the eye care community that we interact with both locally in the Midwest and nationally via our eye and vision research projects," said Dr. S. Barry Eiden, EyeVis Eye and Vision Research Institute.

Abstract: Laser Scanning In Vivo Confocal Microscopy and Quantitative Aesthesiometry Correlation with Corneal Sensation in Keratoconus

Researchers from the University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand conducted this study to quantitatively analyze laser scanning in vivo confocal microscopy images of the corneal epithelium and sub-basal nerve plexus in patients with keratoconus and to correlate these microstructural observations with corneal sensitivity.
     A total of 31 eyes of 31 normal human subjects, and 27 eyes of 27 subjects with an established diagnosis of keratoconus were recruited. Twelve subjects with keratoconus had never worn contact lenses (K-NCL). Fifteen subjects with keratoconus wore contact lenses routinely (K-CL). All eyes were examined using slit-lamp biomicroscopy, Orbscan topography, non-contact corneal aesthesiometry, and laser scanning in vivo confocal microscopy.
     Central corneal sensation was significantly lower in K-CL compared to normal (P=0.028). However, there was no significant difference in corneal sensation between the normal and K-NCL groups (P=0.059). Both sub-basal nerve density (P<0.001) and basal epithelial density (P<0.001) were significantly lower than normal in all keratoconic subjects. Central corneal sensation was only significantly correlated with sub-basal nerve density (P=0.001) and was not significantly correlated with any of the basal epithelial parameters. Sub-basal nerve density showed significant positive correlation with basal epithelial density (P<0.001).
     The researchers concluded that this quantitative study reveals decreased corneal innervation, sensation, and basal epithelial density in keratoconus. The results of this study provide strong evidence that both the sub-basal nerves and the basal epithelium may be involved in the pathogenesis of keratoconus, although it is uncertain whether these are primary or secondary changes.
Patel DV, Ku JY, Johnson R, McGhee CN. Laser scanning in vivo confocal microscopy and quantitative aesthesiometry reveal decreased corneal innervation and sensation in keratoconus. Eye. 2008 Mar 14.

Editor's Commentary: Don't Let Patients Surprise You

Since the reports of Acanthamoeba keratitis last year, I try to advise all contact lens patients, both soft and GP lens wearers, to avoid situations where water could come in contact with the contact lenses or the lens case. I'm continually surprised by the number of soft lens wearers who have reported that they occasionally use water to rinse off their soft lens. Anyone who educates contact lens patients should take note of this because this is far more common than you think, just ask your patients. This week I had a GP patient tell me that he occasionally removes his GPs at work and his last practitioner advised he store them wet and in water. It did not take long for this patient to realize that water was far less expensive than conditioning solution, so he essentially rinsed and stored his GP lenses in water everyday. Whether the practitioner really advised that he store his lenses in water is debatable. However, this anecdote emphasizes that our instructions and education on lens care must be clear, should be written down, and presented often, preferably at every visit.
Carla Mack, O.D., F.A.A.O.

This month at www.siliconehydrogels.org: the latest advancements in silicone hydrogel lenses, complications relating to over wear of hydrogel lenses, the growing popularity of silicone hydrogel lenses on a university campus, and part one of our 2007 AAO update. 
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