July 3, 2005

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Patients for Dry Eye Relief
Two patients who suffered from the condition started The Dry Eye Company, which offers three tear formulations for eye care providers and their patients. Each is preserved with ophthalmic preservatives polyquaternium-42 or polixetonium. Visit for samples and ordering information.

Menicon Expanding Business
Menicon Mandarin Asia is the latest subsidiary of Menicon Co., as of July 1st. The new company will handle imports and distribution of Menicon’s products in the Asia-Pacific region for further expansion of their business. Mr. Naoki Nomura has been appointed President.

Eyefinity to Distribute Con-Cise
Eyefinity has announced and agreement with Con-Cise to offer the company’s contact lens lines. Brands including Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision, CooperVision, Hydrogel Vision, Ocular Sciences, Unilens and Vistakon will be available to eye care practitioners through Eyefinity’s eBuy online order center.

ACUVUE ADVANCE for ASTIGMATISM -- Built for Speed, Designed for Vision & Comfort The new Accelerated Stabilization Design of ACUVUE ADVANCE Brand Contact Lenses for ASTIGMATISM makes the fitting process for astigmatic patients easier by reducing chair time. Because ACUVUE ADVANCE for ASTIGMATISM was designed specifically to use the eyelid to stabilize the lens, doctors can go from zero to fitting in 60 seconds. Once the lens is in place, every blink is a smooth interaction with the lens that maintains continuous stability throughout the day. This enhanced stabilization is the key to crisp, stable vision throughout daily activities.
ACUVUE ADVANCEfor ASTIGMATISM also features HYDRACLEAR, which allows for a moist, smooth, and soft fitting silicone hydrogel lens that feels good all day long.


Unilens Gets E-Makeover
Unilens Vision Inc. has launched a new, interactive web site designed to support the company’s growth strategies. The redesigned site features an interactive Fitting Calculator to help eye care professionals fit patients with the correct multifocal, GP or toric multifocal lens design. Visit for more information.

Optometric Vision
Optometry Giving Sight, an international charitable initiative, has launched its campaign in the U.S. The group aims to raise funds for the prevention of blindness due to refractive error and to help those with permanent low vision. Funds raised will go towards setting up eye clinics, routine eye exams, distribution of optical devices, training programs and clinical equipment in communities in need around the world.

Abstract: Impact of Extended and Daily-Wear Schedules
A recent study examined the impact of previous contact lens wear schedules on the resolution of signs and contact lens-related symptoms among wearers of lotrafilcon A contact lenses. Of 280 daily-wear and extended-wear subjects were fit with lotrafilcon A lenses on a monthly-replacement schedule and followed for one year. The extended-wear group presented at baseline with higher conjunctival staining and epithelial microcysts. However, ocular redness, neovascularization and dryness symptoms were reduced in all subjects, regardless of their previous wear schedule.
Chalmers RL, Dillehay S, Long B, Barr JT, et al. Impact of Previous Extended and Daily Wear Schedules on Signs and Symptoms With High Dk Lotrafilcon A Lenses. Optom Vis Sci. 2005 Jun;82(6):549-554.

Editor's Commentary: Letter to The Editor
Dear CL Today Staff: I appreciated your comment on swimming with contact lenses. I tell my patients essentially the same thing: if you are going to wear your contact lenses while swimming, have an extra set available to switch the lenses as soon as you come out of the water. And, don't wear the first pair again until they have been disinfected. Even better: use daily disposables just for swimming. Could you point me to the relevant journal articles on swimming and CL use? Is there any evidence established to support the recommendations we give our patients? What about contact lens safety in other sports? Is there research to support contact lens wear as a better option? If the literature is unclear, should we be looking at collecting this type of data?
—Dennis W. Siemsen, O.D.
Rochester, MN

Dr. Barr responds: There are countless accounts of contact lenses protecting the eyes during sports and work-related activities that are potentially dangerous. And, even though most players do not wear glasses when playing with most small balls, as in tennis, (have you been watching Wimbledon?), glasses (especially polycarbonate and other modern impact-resistant polymers) can be protective. In general, the literature is full of references that show contact lenses have protected the eye when something nasty got too close, save some rare chemical situations. Many good references are available in our Contact Lens Spectrum Archives at

Fitting Tip: Timing is Everything
Have you ever been wrapping-up a patient visit when, just as you are about to escort the patient to the checkout desk, they stop and ask you, “Are contact lenses a possibility for me?”After an awkward pause, don’t you want to scream, “Why didn’t you ask me at the beginning of the examination?” I’ve found a way to avoid these unpleasant surprises: When taking the initial case history, I always finish with “Do you have any other questions or concerns about your eyes or vision?” This provides the patient with the opportunity to bring up whatever issues they may want to discuss, and gives me the ability to tailor the examination to answer their questions appropriately.
--Thomas Quinn, O.D.
Athens, GA

This month at, review the difference between oxygen permeability, oxygen transmissibility and oxygen flux; read about the 1990 inter-laboratory investigation that sparked the standardization of Dk/t measurement techniques; and read about the performance of silicone hydrogel bandage lenses.

Report adverse contact lens reactions here: or call (800) FDA-1088.

Access a reporting form for complications you've seen that were a result of contact lenses dispensed without a valid prescription at the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry's (ARBO's) Web site: Complete and send the form online or print it out and fax it to (866) 886-6164.

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