October 14, 2007

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NAD Recommends Bausch & Lomb Discontinue Claims for ReNu MultiPlus Regarding Sales and 'Trust'
The National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, one of the investigative arms of the advertising industry’s voluntary self-regulation program, has recommended that Bausch & Lomb, Inc. discontinue claims that suggest that ReNu MultiPlus Solution is the top-selling or most "trusted" among contact lens wearers. The advertising claims made by B&L were challenged by Alcon Laboratories, Inc., maker of Opti-Free Express.
     Specifically, the following claims were challenged: "ReNu MultiPlus Solution is a solution for soft contact lenses. It is the #1 selling Multi-purpose formula in the U.S." and ReNu MultiPlus "has been trusted by over 20 million contact lens wearers and their eye care professionals."
     In its decision, NAD noted that it is undisputed that Alcon’s Opti-Free Express is currently the leading selling manufacturer brand of multi-purpose solution in the U.S. market, however, nothing in its decision precludes B&L from making an expressly qualified claim that the formula sold under the brand name ReNu MultiPlus together with the same formula as private label store brands is the #1 selling contact lens formula in the United States.
     NAD also concluded that the evidence was not sufficient to support the advertiser’s claim that ReNu MultiPlus "has been trusted by over 20 million contact lens wearers and their eye care professionals."
     Bausch and Lomb in its advertiser’s statement said that while it is "disappointed by NAD’s finding that the selection and use by consumers of a medical device does not equate with consumer trust of the product, Bausch & Lomb will be guided by NAD’s recommendations in its future advertising."

AMO Partners with Eye Care Professionals and Launches Educational Campaign
Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. announced the launch of Elevate Your Eye (EYE) Care, a global education campaign designed to educate contact lens wearers about proper lens cleaning techniques. The goal of the campaign is to help patients maximize the benefits of contact lens wear while minimizing the likelihood of infection. EYE Care, which features MTV reality show star Lauren Conrad as a spokesperson, was launched in response to concerns that contact lens wearers may not be practicing healthy lens care habits.
     A recent national survey, part of a new study conducted by the Contact Lens Council (CLC), found more than 11 million of the 35 million contact lens wearers in the U.S. are not practicing proper contact lens care techniques and are putting themselves at daily risk for eye infections. (See Contact Lenses Today August 19, 2007 for more information on the study.) "This survey underscores the significant disconnect between eye care professionals and their patients when it comes to contact lens care," said David W. Hansen, O.D., F.A.A.O., director, professional services at AMO. "Eleven million non-compliant contact lens wearers is too high of a number to ignore. Through the EYE Care campaign, we are partnering with eye care professionals to help patients understand the simple steps to keep their eyes healthy and free from infection, including the importance of using a solution with a rub and rinse regimen."

American Academy of Ophthalmology Warns Consumers about Decorative Contacts
The American Academy of Ophthalmology issued a reminder to consumers that serious eye disorders can be caused by over-the-counter lenses. In the statement the Academy noted that those most likely to buy decorative contacts—teens and young adults—are also most likely to be unaware of the risks these devices can pose to their eyes and life-long visual health.
     Although over-the-counter sales of nonprescription "plano" cosmetic lenses have been illegal in the United States since 2005, decorative contacts are still widely available in retail stores and on the Internet. They are especially popular at Halloween as accessories to costumes. Because consumers buying over-the-counter are not educated on proper use and care of decorative contacts, they do not realize the harm that can result from improper use.
     The Academy suggested that consumers go to, the Academy's public website for more information about cosmetic lenses.

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Important Safety Information

Alcon and Prevent Blindness America Partner at AARP Annual Meeting to Help Baby Boomers Better Manage Eye Health
At the 2007 American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Annual Meeting in Boston last month, Alcon, Inc. joined with Prevent Blindness America to educate Baby Boomers about practical approaches to maintaining healthy eyes and good vision. Together they facilitated more than 400 complimentary eye screenings testing visual acuity and visual field. Alcon also sponsored several informational presentations about glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye featuring leading ophthalmologists.
     According to a 2002 study conducted by Prevent Blindness America, it is estimated that more than 3.4 million older Americans are legally blind, with the prevalence of blindness or visual impairment increasing rapidly after the age of 75. Many of these cases could have been prevented if aging Americans took a more proactive approach to their overall eye health.
     During the course of the meeting, Alcon surveyed people being screened and other visitors to its booth to find out what their greatest concerns were with respect to their eyes and vision. Among the most frequently noted concerns were:
  • Contact lens solutions and dryness.
  • Dry eyes and therapies to soothe or cure ocular dryness.
  • Latest technologies in intraocular lenses, specifically for presbyopia and astigmatism.
  • New treatments for macular degeneration.
  • Ocular vitamins and specific brands.
  • Therapies for common eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye.
  • Vision loss from glaucoma and the latest surgical techniques.

AMO Announces Management Changes
Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. announced that Michael J. Lambert will join the company on October 15 as chief financial officer. Mr. Lambert, who has approximately 20 years of experience and a diverse financial background, will oversee the company's finance, accounting, tax, treasury and information technology functions.
     Richard (Randy) A. Meier, who held positions of chief financial officer and chief operating officer at AMO, will continue as AMO's chief operating officer and assume additional responsibility for management of the company's cataract/implant business and global customer services function, while maintaining his existing management responsibilities for AMO's eye care business and the company's global manufacturing and supply chain operations. C. Russell Trenary, III, who was previously president of the company's cataract/implant business, has been named executive vice president of global public policy and medical education encompassing all of AMO's businesses and product lines.

Global Keratoconus Congress 2007 – Agenda Available The agenda for the second Global Keratoconus Congress is now available online. The event will be hosted at Bally’s in Las Vegas, January 25-27, 2008. Please visit There you will find the educational program agenda and information on hotel accommodations, as well as the ability to register for the event. The program will be accredited for continuing education under COPE, NCLE and JCAHPO.
Companies interested in exhibiting should contact Heather Seasholtz at 215-643-8073.

Abstract: Scleral Contact Lenses in the Management of AKC
This study from the Cornea Service, Cole Eye Institute at Cleveland Clinic, described the use of rigid gas-permeable scleral contact lenses (ScCL) in the treatment and visual rehabilitation of patients with medically controlled advanced atopic keratoconjunctivitis (AKC). The authors conducted a retrospective chart review of 10 eyes with medically controlled advanced AKC whose treatment included the use of ScCL for protection of the cornea from the ocular surface environment and visual rehabilitation. Outcomes measured were changes in biomicroscopic findings and visual acuity.
     The post-fitting median follow-up period was 20.5 months (range, 14-32 months). An improvement in conjunctival hyperemia and corneal epithelial defects was observed in all eyes. Median best-corrected visual acuity before ScCL was logMAR 0.651 (Snellen 20/90; range, 20/45-20/400). After proper ScCL fitting, median logMAR visual acuity was 0.239 (Snellen 20/35; range, 20/20-20/50; P = 0.001). All patients gained at least 1 line of vision after initiation of ScCL, and 9 of 10 eyes experienced an improvement of at least 2 lines of vision. ScCL use was well tolerated by all patients, and no complications or infections occurred as a result of ScCL wear. The authors concluded that rigid gas-permeable ScCL are useful and safe to use in the management of the ocular surface and in the visual rehabilitation of eyes with medically controlled advanced AKC.
Margolis R, Thakrar V, Perez VL. Role of rigid gas-permeable scleral contact lenses in the management of advanced atopic keratoconjunctivitis. Cornea. 2007 Oct;26(9):1032-4.

Editor's Commentary: Let Your Patients Decide
In the few months that I've been the editor for Contact Lenses Today, you have probably noticed that I write often about providing the best for your patients. I spoke with many eye care practitioners last weekend at the EastWest Eye Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. As I talked about contact lens innovation, there was a subset of practitioners who repeatedly stated, "My patients can't afford it." Do you want to be known as the practice that gives your services and products away and has the lowest fees? Or, do you want to be known as the practice that offers value to your patients? Patients will pay for expertise. Patients will pay for convenience. Patients will be pay for health. Patients will pay for value. Offer your patients the best and then let them make the decision. Don't make the decision for them.
Carla Mack, O.D., F.A.A.O.

This month at explore the significance of the recent "no-rub" solution recalls, learn about atypical upper lid margin staining in dry-eyed silicone hydrogel wearers and review the latest in silicone hydrogel research present at ARVO 2007.

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