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January 2006

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Maximizing Soft Contact Lens Comfort
When patients present with soft lens discomfort, start with a good case history. This will guide you to the root of most problems.
Ask simple questions regarding the solutions, hand soaps and lotions the patient uses, their care regimen, and wearing schedule. These questions will often uncover problem areas and will reassure the patient they are doing everything correctly.
Soft lens comfort can be further enhanced by recent advancements in contact lens materials, which help promote moisture retention. We practice in a very exciting time with new high-tech products entering the market at a regular pace. I find combining a “Back to Basics” approach (good history) with a bit of new technology works every time to improve comfort during lens wear.
Kevin Cassar, O.D.
Athens, Ohio

Real-world feedback from eye care professionals now supports pre-launch claims of ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ Brand Contact Lenses for ASTIGMATISM.
When compared to Soflens66® Toric, ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ for ASTIGMATISM clearly provides more predictable orientation and crisper, more stable vision; the advantage comes from the Accelerated Stabilization Design. Less lid interaction leads to superior performance versus the traditional prism-ballast design such as found in Soflens66® Toric. Also, because of HYDRACLEAR™ Technology, the lens delivers significantly better comfort both upon insertion and at the end of the day.

Report adverse contact lens reactions here: or call (800) FDA-1088.

Access a reporting form for complications you've seen that were a result of contact lenses dispensed without a valid prescription at the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry's (ARBO's) Web site: Complete and send the form online or print it out and fax it to (866) 886-6164.

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