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February 2004

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Managing the Advancing Presbyope with Soft Bifocal Lenses
Achieving clear reading vision is sometimes difficult for soft multifocal lens wearing patients who are older than 50. Incorporating a subtle monovision approach can address this frequently encountered dilemma and assist patients with their near tasks.
Prescribing an additional +0.50 to +1.00 in the nondominant eye or dispensing asymmetric adds, when available, can resolve near concerns without dramatically altering distance visual performance. However, it is important to explain to patients that mild glare, halos and ghosting of images may manifest because of a combination of pseudo monovision and the inherent design of soft multifocal lens. As always, educating the patient regarding the need to obtain a balance of all visual tasks is the key to success.
--Sanjay Patel, OD
Gambrills, Md.

A Lens for Your Emerging Presbyopes
Spherical contact lens wearers often drop out of their lenses as a result of the onset of presbyopia. With ACUVUE Brand BIFOCAL, you can address the needs of your emerging presbyopes by starting with the lowest possible ADD power. To ease the transition, consider fitting the nondominant eye with the ACUVUE BIFOCAL and the dominant eye with ACUVUE 2 spherical lenses.
ACUVUE Brand BIFOCAL Contact Lenses -- Fit successfully into your practice.
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