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March 2004

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Using Color Lenses for Fun
We realize that contact lens patients love options and now, with the availability of tinted lenses in many new designs and colors, the opportunity has never been greater. The biggest obstacle is getting practitioners to offer the option when discussing the availability of lenses. The diagnostic process is easy -- especially if the patient is already wearing a design that offers tinted lenses. To simplify the process, ask if the patient desires a dramatic or subtle change, decide on the preferred color choices and let your trained professional assistant have fun. Practitioners can quickly verify the fitting aspects and reinforce the compliance requirements. The enthusiasm that tinted lenses bring to a patient and a practice is contagious and everyone benefits.
--Glenda B. Secor, OD
Huntington Beach, Calif.

Add some exciting color to your patients' day . . .
For patients who want exceptional end-of-day comfort ACUVUE ADVANCE Brand Contact Lenses with HYDRACLEAR are an excellent choice. And for patients who want comfort and natural-looking colors, ACUVUE 2 COLOURS Brand Contact Lenses are the obvious choice. The ACUVUE 2 lens design is used both for ACUVUE ADVANCE with HYDRACLEAR and for ACUVUVE 2 COLOURS. So, add some exciting color to your patients' day by providing them with ACUVUE 2 COLOURS trial lenses and watch them come back again and again.
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