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May 2004

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Why Frequent Replacement is Best
Many patients report that they will only change their contact lenses when they become uncomfortable. Remind them that by the time they feel this discomfort, deposits have accumulated on the lens, which can also blur vision and lead to health problems such as giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). A clean lens feels better, provides better vision and is safer. Helping patients understand the importance of frequent replacement helps to promote schedule compliance and reduce complications such as GPC.
--Eric Ritchey, OD, MS
St. Louis, Mo.

Helping Keep and Treat Patients as They Age
Try as we might, there's no getting around aging -- for us or for our patients. Chances are, a large number of these patients are developing presbyopia . . . and still want to wear contact lenses. ACUVUE BIFOCAL with PUPIL INTELLIGENT DESIGN provides optimal near and far vision under varying light conditions. Anticipating a patient's needs as he or she ages is an excellent way to build your practice and strengthen the relationship with your patients. Learn more by visiting

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