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July 2004

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Part-Time Disposable Lens Wear
Part-time disposable contact lens wear is a great option to offer patients who want to wear contact lenses for sports, nights out or special occasions. Daily disposables are ideal forthis purpose, but two-week disposables may be necessary in the case of cosmetic colored lenses or multifocals. Make sure occasional wearers reusing lenses use a disinfection system that will protect the lenses for the length of storage. For example, AOSept users would need to disinfect daily, whereas those using Opti-Free or ReNu can safely store lenses for up to 30 days.
--Melissa Lee, OD
New York, N.Y.

In a recent market test, 86% of eyecare professionals identified part-time wearers as appropriate candidates for ACUVUE ADVANCE Brand Contact Lenses with HYDRACLEAR. In fact, 82% said that ACUVUE ADVANCE with HYDRACLEAR is appropriate for ALL types of spherical patients.* This is one reason why ACUVUE ADVANCE is considered to be the replacement for ALL current daily wear hydrogels.

Grow your practice with the lens that's becoming THE NEW STANDARD for daily wear!

Visit for more detils on ACUVUE ADVANCE with HYDRACLEAR.
*ECPs completing the survey at conclusion of market test period; data on file.


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