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November 2003

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Gauge Your Patients' Interests
Q: How do you maximize your color contact lens practice?

A: Maximizing your color contact lens practice starts when the patient calls for an appointment. Have your staff ask whether the appointment is for eyeglasses, contact lenses or LASIK. If the patient answers "contact lenses," then inform him that many contact lenses, including color lenses, are available. Then flag the patient's examination chart to remind your staff to provide a manufacturer's brochure, or other tinted lens promotional material, for the patient to read while he's waiting for you.
--Kirk Smick, OD
Atlanta, Ga.

Current research shows that 38 million patients in the United States are interested in color contact lenses. Research also showed that 32% of those interested in color contact lenses are non-vision corrected. Color contact lenses provide a tremendous practice growth opportunity for eyecare professionals. ACUVUE 2 COLOURS Brand Contact Lenses can help you tap into this market by providing the outstanding comfort and exceptional handling that will turn these interested patients into contact lens wearers.

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