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December 2003

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Trouble Shooting Soft Toric Lens Malfunction
Use your retinoscope to help you determine whether irregular soft toric lens flexure is the cause of poor visual performance not improvable with overrefraction. You can often detect a lens that is too steep by looking for an irregular retinoscopy reflex in the inferior central portion of the pupil that improves immediately after a blink (Assuming that the retinoscopy reflex is clear when the patient isn't wearing the lens). If this is the case, then order a flatter base curve or a thinner lens design.
--Ronald Watanabe, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Boston, Mass.

ACUVUE Brand TORIC lenses offer your patients rotational stability with comfort. In clinical studies, more than 98% of ACUVUE Toric lenses rotated five degrees or less with each blink. That's because dual thin-zone stabilization design provides two opportunities for the eyelids to stabilize with each blink. Reliable performance provides consistent vision for your satisfied patients!

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